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The Queen IS NOT a Lizard… It’s Worse Then That

There are always a few locations, historical events and names that continue to arise as those of us in this community dig for the truth.

One name, or a better way to state it, is a family keeps bubbling to the surface. The Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II, its matriarch.

During our lifetime, and throughout history, there have been countless ‘theories’ on The Royal Family. Also during this time period, we have been conditioned to believe that The Queen, and those in power under her, are just figure heads and have no real power. They are the Kardashian’s of The United Kingdom and The Commonwealth.

This figurehead narrative cannot be further from the truth. The reality of the actual power, influence and control that The Queen and her family has is much more disturbing. We have been sold and convinced that The Queen is this little old lady who sips tea, walks her dogs and does all the annoying customs taught in finishing schools throughout the world.

Here is the truth and the actual power of the British Crown and those who run this modern day monarchy.

Above the Law

The Queen is 100% above the law and cannot be prosecuted for breaking the law.

It is also illegal to sue The Queen which also means she cannot be sued.

An example for this is that The Queen has the right, by law, to take any child within her rule away from the child’s parents.

Travel and Passports

Passports are issued in The Queens name which means she has absolute power, if she chooses, to limit, restrict or flat out deny travel to those holding a United Kingdom Passport.


We have been told and sold that Parliament and The Prime Minister are placed based on the election process within The United Kingdom. While this is ‘technically’ accurate it is not the entire truth.

The Queen is responsible for appointing The Prime Minister. She does this based on the candidate who won the election but this is at her discretion. The Prime Minister governs at the grace of the Queen.

She may also appoint Ministers of the Crown which can include advisors but also cabinet officials.

The Queen rules over all government officials within The United Kingdom and The Commonwealth.

One great example of this is that The Queen has the right and the power to fire all government officials in Australia.


Here in the united states we have a process for passing bills and laws that most are very familiar with. Our President has the right to pass or veto a law but that is not the end all be all for a potential law. If a law is vetoed it can go back to Congress and get passed with a 2/3rd majority.

There is a very similar process in The United Kingdom but unlike the United States, there is an above the law unelected official who is involved in the passing of laws.

Every law that goes through Parliament cannot be passed until The Queen or Prince Charles signs it into law.

Armed Forces and Making War

All British solders must swear an oath to The Queen when joining the Armed Forces. She is the Commander of all the Armed Forces. She has the right to delegate this responsibility to other. For example, The Prime Minister, but she retains the governing rights.

The Queen also has the right to declare war. There is more oversight and approvals needed for her to do this but it is within her power and is her right.

Let us put a bow on this and understand what we are dealing with as we take a steps back to look at the facts.

We have been told and sold that The Royal Family is nothing more than an archaic remainder from an age gone by. A visual pet for house wives and the paparazzi. In actuality we are dealing with a woman who is The Queen of 32 countries and head of Commonwealth for 54 countries. A woman who not only approves all laws but is also above any law. A woman who owns 6.6 billion acres of land which represents 1/6th of all land on this planet. A woman who controls all travel within her reign. A woman who has her own army who have sworn to serve her. A woman who rules even above the elected officials.

The Queen is now 93 years old. All of her power, wealth, influence and property will shift not to the next elected official but to her son Prince Charles. The same Prince Charles who was best friends with the monster and pedophile Jimmy Savile. The same Prince Charles whose brother, Prince Andrew, was best friends with known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

We should all be very afraid of not only who will take over once The Queen is gone but be more concerned as to what she taught her heirs along the way.

For more information on RH Negative blood and Royal bloodlines please listen to a show I did on The Infinite Fringe.

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