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My Trigger & What Brought Me To The Light

Recently someone asked me about how I got into this 'crazy' world of conspiracy theories when they heard me talk about Epstein and the #epsteindidntkillhimself phenomenon. This question really made me delve into my origin stories and why I am doing what I am doing here @itsjustswampgas.

I have heard many stories from many people in the truth seeker world regarding what was their trigger to 'see the light'. The origin events range from seeing a UFO to 9-11. My journey is a result of some very odd and coincidental set of events.

I was always someone who questioned everything and needed to know why things were what they were and how mechanical items worked. As a child I believed, or at least wanted to believe, in ghosts, aliens and BigFoot. I remember reading the old Time Life books and consuming as much content as available in a pre internet world.

I can trace my own 'event' to decades later as John the business person. John the business person who still questioned everything. Who still wanted to know how things worked.

Back in those days, as today, I traveled a great deal. I spent days in various cities and countries. Back then I had seen 39 of the 50 states and many countries. I am now up to 46 of the 50 states. My current journey had brought me back to familiar ground and a place that I had visited countless times for business and pleasure.

It was an early Tuesday morning and my flight was just landing. I usually read on flights but during this flight I had finished my book so I spent the last 15 minutes till touchdown staring out the window and watching the Denver Airport come into view. As we landed I noticed something that I had not noticed in the past and something that frankly seemed benign at the time.

As we taxied down the runway after landing I noticed huge grass fields that had been fenced in with chainlink fences. This is not uncommon but what piqued my interest was the razor wire that sat atop all the fencing. It was facing in toward the fields and not out toward the runway. This seemed odd as I assumed they would want to utilize, or currently utilizing, these for livestock. Regardless, it was odd to me but I did not give it a second thought.

On the second night of my travels I had a dinner event cancel so I decided to now look up this, what appeared to be an expensive engineering mistake, online. If you have never searched the Denver International Airport online please do. What unfolded in front of me can only be described as a treasure of deep state allegations, Masonic ritual magic, aliens working in underground bases to The Royal Family being Lizard People. At this point I no longer cared about the razor wire but did spend the next 8 hours combing through hundreds of pages and theories. Each of these theories led down a new rabbit hole which led to new theories and new rabbit holes. It was a Russian Nesting Doll of information that I could not get enough of.

I spend the next several years learning all I could about DIA and all the other topics I discovered including D.U.M.B's (Deep Underground Military Bases), alien coverup, Royal bloodlines, 9-11 and so on.

My nature as a child to question everything and a thirst into how things worked has landed me here today as the lead researcher, founder and host of It's Just Swamp Gas. I want this project to be the beacon of light for those who are searching for the real truth. I want to be able to boil the years of research down into easily consumable content and do it all while not taking ourself too seriously. My promise to all of you is to bring forward any and all data uncovered in a non biased manner. To inform you when things are facts, speculations and my opinions.

My only ask of you is to please verify anything you hear or see from me yourself. I want to be your 'razor wire' and push you to do your own research.

John Prester

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