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Fantasy Islands & The Pedo Ring

Fantasy Island

If your fantasy is underage sex, drugs, guns and Saturnalia worship.

I want to give a ton of credit to Corey Lynn and his research. He has done an amazing job digging into this and I stumbled upon his research as I was researching the Clinton/Branson ties. I included much of his data and thoughts in this post but my intent was to look more into the people involved and the logistics needed for these situations to exist. I will provide references and links to Corey’s material and other within this post.

The recent truths that emerged from the Jeffery Epstein arrest and subsequent ‘suicide’ have brought human trafficking, money laundering, blackmail, deep state involvement, pedophilia, media bias and elite darkness into the mainstream. The light has been shown on these, and other topics that truth seekers have been screaming about for years, in a way that Pizzagate, the Clinton Death List of the Anthony Weiner laptop scandal could not have.

The majority are now starting to see that there is a group of people who control the money, the power and most importantly, the minds of almost everyone on this planet.

In my research into these topics I am often led down rabbit holes that shed light on new topics but also result in dead ends. We have to have a careful balance when we do our research to ensure we do not have confirmation bias while also not looking past the smoke we find.

Recently, with my research and others who have researched these topics, I have uncovered what can only be described as evil on the high seas. (See Corey Lynn’s work)

I was, and still am, fascinated with Jeffrey’s Epstein’s island called Little Saint James Island. This is the island that dominated the news cycles. The island that many prominent leaders, politicians and celebrities have traveled to on their own or via Epstein’s plane coined “The Lolita Express”. These faces include Prince Andrew, Richard Branson, Chris Rock, Alan Dershowitz and even former President Bill Clinton. This is the same island that is in the headlines as an underage pedophilia haven for the rich and the elite with all the underage girls procured by Epstein and his madam Ghislaine Maxwell.

I was digging into connections between Bill Clinton and Richard Branson which led me to Necker Island. Necker Island is a short distance from Epstein’s Little Saint James. This was the start of one of those rabbit holes. I had to ask myself, who else owns islands in the Caribbean and surrounding areas? The information I uncovered and the connections I found did nothing short of floor me.

There have been ties to human trafficking throughout the world dating back to the dawn of time. Over the past several hundred years one region on the globe has become the leader in not only human trafficking but also the movement of drugs, weapons and blackmail material. That region stretches from The Florida Keys south to Belize and East throughout the Caribbean islands. Many of these islands were used as weigh stations and logistical support for slave trading and that continues to this day. One fact drives this point home. South America produces nearly all the world’s cocaine while The United States and Europe consume 88% of the retail sales of cocaine. The cocaine market was US$70 Billion in 2003 while the entire GDP of the Caribbean was US$31 Billion in 2004. This means that the illegal cocaine being moved through the Caribbean is 2 ½ times larger than that regions entire GDP. This region is the thoroughfare for drugs, people, weapons, money and information.

By no means do I want to say or even elude to the correlation of owning an island in this region and being involved in illicit activities. I will allow you the reader to make your own judgments based on my information but also encourage everyone to do their own research. It should come as no surprise some of the names who own islands in this region.

We already addressed Jeffrey Epstein and Little Saint James Island. Here are a few other names that should sound familiar but also some that may not.

Richard Branson Necker Island and Moskito Island

David Copperfield Musha Cay

Johnny Depp Little Hail’s Pond Cay

The Disney Family Echo Island

Eddie Murphy Rooster Cay

Peter Nygard Nygard Cay

Jay Z and Beyoncé Unknown

Baron Rothschild Bell Island

Tyler Perry White Bay Cay

Bill Gates Grand Bogue Island

Shakira Bonds Cay

Nicolas Cage Leaf Cay

Georges Cohen Calivigny

John Malone Sampson Cay

The names listed are only a few and those that are available publicly. In addition to the individually owned islands the Crown owns Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Montserrat.

The groundwork is laid for the continuation of our journey down the rabbit hole. So to traffic goods effectively in this region there must be certain key factors. There must be both supply and demand. There must be procurement, logistics and supply chain machine. There must be a system of checks and balances.

I do not feel that I need to convince anyone reading this that there is a demand for not only underage women but for all types of people who are put into human slavery. If the demand exists, the suppliers will find a way.

The supply chain for a worldwide human trafficking machine requires incredible tentacles into all areas of business and into all areas of government. There is a bottom up and top down ring of those who identify, those who procure, those who ship and those who distribute. In addition, there are those who dispose. This takes boots on the ground kidnapping, boots on the ground paying for ‘product’, public and private shipping, establishments that house and markets to sell.

Access without oversight is critical to these operations. N.G.O.’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) are created all the time and do ‘good’ most of the time. The Clinton Foundation, which was created by with the aid of Jeffrey Epstein, is an example. Two other examples that are pertinent to this topic are, DNV-GL and their Ten Island Challenge and ICMEC (International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children). The Clinton’s and Richard Branson have deep ties to both of these organizations. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) morphed into ICMEC with Hilary Clinton and Tony Blair’s wife sitting on the original Board of Directors as well as Richard Branson’s mother, Eve Branson. In addition, Richard Branson was the the founding Sponsor. Since the creation on ICMEC human trafficking has tripled.

The Ten Island challenge is a cause’ to bring solar power to the Caribbean Islands and other island chains to eliminate their need for fossil fuel. Bill Clinton and Richard Branson are on point with this project.

- 1978 Ricard Branson buys Necker Island for $180,000. It was listed for $6,000,000.

- Founding of the Clinton Foundation in 1997. Jeffrey Epstein as a key figure in its creation.

- 1998 Jeffrey Epstein purchases Little Saint James Island.

- Aruba was top on the list for drug and sec trafficking but in 1999 then President Clinton removed it from the government list of top drug and sex trafficking locations.

- 1999 ICMEC was founded with Hillary Clinton as a key Board member and Richard Branson as the lead sponsor. Trafficking up 300% since inception.

- 2002 – 2005 (public record) Bill Clinton makes various trips to Little Saint James Island.

- 2006 Bill Clinton founded the Clinton Climate Initiative. Many of the key figures from the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Climate have ties to The Rocky Mountain Institute, The Carbon War Room and the previous administrations of Clinton and Obama.

- 2006 David Copperfield purchases Musha Cay.

- 2009 Carbon War Room was founded. Richard Branson as a founding member.

- Creation of The Ten Island Challenge in 2012. According to their site, the only real progress has been the panels installed on Necker Island. The island owned by Richard Branson.

- 2015 The Breakthrough Energy Coalition was founded by Bill Gates. Key Board members include: David Rubenstein Co-Founder of the Carlyle Group, Chris Hohn founder of the Child Investment Fund, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos to name a few.

So we now have unlimited access and limited oversight to the very islands that are the logistical hubs for trafficking drugs, money, weapons and people. The people involved in this initiative are the Clintons and Richard Branson with a cast and crew of names we would all know and the connections are scary.

This continues and usually only surfaces once the damage is already done. Did you know that Richard Branson endorsed the leader of the NXIVM cult prior to the scandal coming out? Did you know the NXIVM sec cult also partied on Necker Island.

There are hundreds if not thousands of people who have and had access to these islands and shipping lanes. Some come in as ‘tourists’ like those who have visited Little Saint James and Necker Island and other decided to just but their own piece of Fantasy Island.

Here is a sample of the know roster of owners and visitors into the region. You be the Judge.

Jeffrey Epstein

Richard Branson

David Copperfield

Tyler Perry

Lawrence Krauss

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Prince Andrew

Barack Obama

Michelle Obama

Les Wexner

Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeff Bezos

Marc Zuckerberg

Alec Baldwin

Michael Bloomberg

Ralph Fiennes

Naomi Campbell

Bill Gates

The Queen

And many, many more.

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