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Disclosure Is A Lie & We Are Falling For It

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Disclosure is a lie.

Why are we getting ‘alien disclosure’ now and why are they disclosing anything at all?

Most of of in the truth seeking world, by definition, long for truth. The down side of longing for truth is that we can long too much for what we ‘want’ to be the truth. This can be hard and we have to be careful as to not apply confirmation bias to what we see, hear, read or research.

There are countless people in this community who I know, who I trust and who I respect that have built their following on attempting to disclose the truth about UFO’s, alien contact and government cover ups.

One great example is

I have been doing this for years and with all my research I am confident that those who run the above examples are honest, trustworthy and believe in their research 100%. The other side of this coin is that just because someone has ‘proof’ or ‘evidence’ does not mean it supports the larger narrative they are trying to support. For example, even if a UFO landed on the lawn of the White House does not mean it is full of aliens from another world or another dimension.

Since the dawn of time all people have been manipulated into believing, not believing or acting in certain ways. Ways that we have been told are right, just, normal, fair, typical, just, common, and so on. We also have short memories and it only takes a generation to makes these subtle changes or minutes to make them on a macro level.

Here are a few examples:

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” We have all heard this and our parents believed this as well. The truth is that the quote above is an advertising slogan form 1944 to sell GrapeNuts manufactured by General Mills.

On more serious notes.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi turned an entire county against a race with nothing more then time and well placed propaganda.

Japanese are evil. The United States has always been a hub for immigrants and a large group of these were the Japanese. Prior to World War II the Japanese immigrants were seen as great additions to our society. As they are today. This all changed on December 7th 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. This event led not only to the U.S. government to putting 120,000 Japanese into internment camps but also the majority of U.S. citizens supporting it.

The Nazi party did an incredible, although evil, job of getting an entire county to turn on an entire race prior to World War II.

The United States and N.A.T.O brought us the Red Scare while the U.S.S.R. used propaganda in a similar way to brand the U.S. as the enemy.

In recent days The United States and N.A.T.O. have also brought the entire Western world again and entire race. The Muslims.

As Wernher Van Braun told us – They have to have enemies for us to fight. Socialists, then Communists, then terrorists and finally Aliens.

In all the examples above, no one realized that they were being manipulated. It was a slow burn to change public perception or a cataclysmic event to change the perception overnight.

I believe that this is exactly what is happening to us today in regards to alien life, U.F.O.s and disclosure.

For years and years, we have been told by science that alien life must be real and my religion and the government that they are not. Recently this has all flipped and the researcher and skeptic in me must ask, why? The Vatican and the Pope have recently come up and said alien life could be real and also spend millions on their new telescope named Lucifer.

Governments all over the world and more surprisingly, the U.S. government, have started the disclosure process. Again the question is why.

Why now? Why Space Force? Why Academy of the Stars? We had S.E.T.I. and N.A.S.A. for decades.

The allegations of the implementation of Project Blue Beam came forward in in 1994. The project, which is claimed to be started in 1984, is rumored to be the government faking an alien invasion to implement some form or global marshal law.

This may sound insane but let’s understand why this is much closer to reality based on previous events.

There are numerous data points that the U.S. knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor but elected to ignore them so that the U.S. citizens would support the entrance into World War II. We fell for it and also supported putting Japanese immigrants and citizens into camps.

9-11 led the entire Western world to rise up against Muslims as a people although there are pages and pages of data supporting our involvement and cover up of the events.

So we are being warmed up to either rally and rise up against the coming alien invasion or be sold that they are here to help us. Regardless of the scenario ‘they’ arrive in, we will all agree to give up certain liberties in the fight.

The recent admissions about what is being seen, tracked and disclosed is all by design. I am not certain as to the real reason this is happening but based on history, the average citizen will not benefit from it.

There are only a few reasons this can be true.

Aliens are real, they are already here and we are fucked…and have always been fucked.

Aliens are real, they are on the way and we needed disclosure to get the budget and support to create Space Force as a defense arm. Again – we are fucked.

Aliens are not real. (I did a podcast on this exact topic which you can listen to here.) They are not real but they are a great reason for the governments to use as a control mechanism.

Regardless of the above. We will know more as we start to see the propaganda released over the next 12 – 18 months. If we start seeing that this is a race to space against other nations, then we know this is nothing more than a military arms race and a budget grab. If we start seeing District 9 type propaganda, then we will know that either an aggressive alien race is coming (fucked) or they want us to think so.

If you do not think that a government or governments can and have done acts like this allow me to give you a few more examples.

The U.S.S. Maine:

War action of the United States against Spain

‘The official view in Cuba is that the sinking was a false flag operation conducted by the U.S. Cuban officials argue that the U.S. deliberately sank the ship to create a pretext for military action against Spain. The Maine monument in Havana describes Maine's sailors as "victims sacrificed to the imperialist greed in its fervor to seize control of Cuba",[81] which claims that U.S. agents deliberately blew up their own ship.’ (Wikipedia)

The Gulf of Tonkin:

Convinced the U.S. population to go to war against Vietnam.

‘In 2014, as the incident's 50th anniversary approached, John White wrote The Gulf of Tonkin Events—Fifty Years Later: A Footnote to the History of the Vietnam War. In the foreword, he notes "Among the many books written on the Vietnamese war, half a dozen notes a 1967 letter to the editor of a Connecticut newspaper which was instrumental in pressuring the Johnson administration to tell the truth about how the war started. The letter was mine."[54] The story discusses Lt. White reading Admiral Stockdale's In Love and War[48] in the mid 1980s, then contacting Stockdale who connected White with Joseph Schaperjahn, chief sonarman on Turner Joy. Schaperjahn confirmed White's assertions that Maddox's sonar reports were faulty and the Johnson administration knew it prior to going to Congress to request support for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. White's book explains the difference between lies of commission and lies of omission. Johnson was guilty of willful lies of omission. White was featured in the August 2014 issue of Connecticut Magazine.’ (Wikipedia)

Mukden Incident:

Escalated Japans war against China.

In 1931 a small group of Japanese troops set charges to explode on train tracks. This led to the justification for the invasion of Manchuria.

22,000 Polish officers killed:

Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin executed 22,000 Polish officers in 1940 and blamed the Nazis.

These are only a small handful of false flags carried out by multiple governments throughout history to effect the desired narrative. There are many more which have also been proved to be true and even more that have smoke but no fire yet.

These include British attacks on Syria in 1957 which they blamed on the Syrian government, 1953 Israel used fake bombers to to blame ‘Arabs’, 1939 Russia shelled one of its own villages to blame Finland.

These do not include alleged false flag attacks including 9-11 and many more.

I am confident that is an Alien Invasion or an orchestrated Alien Invasion would allow the elites to further their agenda, we will see one constructed (U.S.S. Maine) or allow one to happen (9-11).

Keep your eyes open and do your research. This will all come to pass regardless of the reality of aliens or not. Thanks God we have Space Force to save us.

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