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Busy Week - 3 Shows

Thanks to all my friends and supporters.

I wanted to take a few minutes and get out a quick Thank You to all those great hosts and friends who had me on as a guest last week and those who have helped me in the past.

I was blessed to be back on American Unplugged with my great friend Billy Ray Valentine. This is my fourth time to be a guest on America Unplugged and I can not count how many times I have been on with Billy on all his platforms.

Billy has been the catalyst for me and is not only an amazing host, a pillar of respect in the truth community but also a great person.

You can find and follow Billy here:

Also listed in the friends section of this site.

American Unplugged on Ickonic. David Ickes platform @davidicke

Follow Billy on Twitter @Obi1unome

Here are a some links to just a few episodes I have done with Billy: - Join Ickonic to see my show from last week. Planned Partenhood and the election.

I also joined my friends The Conspiracy Horsemen last week for the fourth time and did a quick run in to talk Tom Hanks, Wayfair and Maxwell.

Bin, GGP, Stevie and Big Sal are amazing and have such a great show. You can find them live on Twitch every Wednesday night and on The Hacker Hamin platform which has tons of amazing shows and podcasts.

The four of them are great hosts and even better ball busters, which is great.

Here is my show from last week:

You can find them and all there content here:




I want all you people who have not heard about The WiD? Podcast with Daniel Grothe to download some of his casts as soon as possible. Daniel is new to the game but is a fantastic and truly entertaining host.

His live show is like the shows of old and are a very nice addition to this community.

Here is the link to my first of many episodes with Daniel:

We talked about Aliens and the fake alien invasion agenda.

You can find Daniel here:

Twitter: @_Daniel_Grothe_

I will be back with Daniel in a few weeks to discuss Antartica.

Additional thanks to all my loyal supporters. followers and content distributers.

Drive By Wrestling Podcast:

And key members of the social media army:

@IR0N_PATRI07, @Citizen_Slim, @kayfabe25, @KambraK, @LarryEgner, @RightOpinionPod

@garykingofscots, @VoicesofMisery, @TheGAMwolferz, @cazz3319, @Goldylocksrocks, @Redhands and so many more.

Thanks you all.

The truth may not be out there but it is in here.

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